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Transpersonal Coaching

Beautiful gifts are revealed when we move beyond our rational mind, or personality.  Our personality allows us to relate with others, work, and make daily decisions. It is the wisdom mind, however, that illuminates our awareness of true purpose, connection, and peace. Transpersonal Coaching is a safe and gentle exploration into our true nature beyond our personality.  Utilizing the mind-body methods of meditation and imagery, we will journey into our subconscious minds in order to make changes that positively affect our lives.

CALM Therapy

We function best when we are strong, balanced, and aligned physically, emotionally, and energetically.  Daily living can drain our physical, mental, and emotional systems, thus, depleting our energy.  Developed by Dr. Wukich, CALM therapy integrates the benefits of CranioSacral therapy, Alignment, Linking, and Meditiation.  This deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treatment promotes healing and ease by releasing restrictions along the spine and skull, while linking breath work with meditation. The result: creating optimal conditions for the flow of life energy!

NeuroAlign Healing

Our bodies are designed to be highly effective in responding to stress.  Thoughts and emotions can heighten this response and overwhelm our system.  The question is, “What are we thinking and feeling?”  NeuroAlign Healing integrates the mind-body methods of Mindfulness and Imagery with Kinesiology (physical movements) and Neuroplasticity (the brain’s potential to create new pathways.)  Through a series of sessions, client and doctor work together in a safe, soothing environment, utilizing tools and techniques to locate and release the habitual patterns of unresolved stress.  Returning to our true nature, we relax and become healthier in mind and body.

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