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Dr. Teresa Wukich

Innate Body Mind Healing recognizes the body’s innate intelligence (one's essential nature) in supporting growth, health, and vitality!  Dr. Teresa Wukich has been serving East Northport and the greater Huntington community for more than thirty years with this holistic, integrative approach.  After graduating from New York Chiropractic College in 1991, Dr. Wukich began her commitment to care for pregnant women, infants, children, adults, and wise elders by combining the time-tested and effective natural modalities of CranioSacral Therapy, Chiropractic, Postural Awareness and Rehabilitative Stretching and Strengthening.  A frequent meditator, and always conscious of the energy within the body, Dr. Wukich studied and became certified in NLP, Meditation and Imagery, and Transpersonal Coaching. These healing modalities, combined with the study of Neuroscience, led her to develop both CALM therapy and NeuroAlign Healing.

The deep desire to learn and share beneficial practices with patients led her to begin working with The Jaguar Path in 2017. This study of Andean Q’ero Healing, as taught by the Alto Mesayoq medicine people of Peru,  has brought a new level to Innate Body Mind Healing.  Dr. Wukich was initiated into this tradition and granted the Karpay (rite) of Pampa Mesayoq, or earth keeper, able to perform ceremonies and energetic healings. Her commitment to Love, Peace, and Pachamama (Mother Earth) is steadfast. 

All we need to know is revealed from within… providing sufficient time and presence to address your overall health yields results that are most effective and long lasting.

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