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Ancient Wisdom Energy Healing

We are spiritual and energetic beings as well as physical and thinking ones!  Often times energy is trapped in our physical form as well as the luminous field which surrounds us.  Through working with our outer energy field, and our inner energy centers, or Chakras, we can release this stagnant negativity, thereby propelling us into a healthier state of mind, body, and spirit.  Practices include Creating Sacred Space (calling in the sacred directions for healing,) Cord Cutting (cutting unhealthy energetic, not necessarily physical, ties to others,) Rainbow Body Chakra Clearing (cleansing, removing blocks, and restoring vitality to the Chakras,) calling in our Power Animals and Guides (those that come to us to aid in our physical, emotional, and spiritual growth for healing,) Soul Retrieval (for past traumas,) and Journeying (guided meditations for healing and propelling ourselves forward in life!)  

Dr. Wukich was trained in the Incan Peruvian Shaman tradition as a Shaman and Earth Keeper through The Jaguar Path School of Yoga and Shamanism.

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