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CranioSacral Therapy

SomatoEmotional Release

The energetic motion of life exists within our craniosacral system.  Often, this energy is interrupted or walled off in response to trauma (physical, emotional, mental, and environmental). Using a soft touch on the sacrum, spine, and cranium (skull), areas of physical and emotional tension are revealed.  Energetic motion is then restored and reintegrated into the body for improved functioning of the physical and emotional body.

Flexibilty Therapy

Motion Is Life!  In order to keep moving in a healthy body, we must remain flexible.  A stagnant, yet busy lifestyle can lead to a spine and body that becomes increasingly stiff and unhealthy. During this 30 minute session, Dr. Wukich combines gentle passive stretching (relaxed and gentle,) Thai Yoga Stretching (gentle full body movements for all of the joints and muscles,) and PNF Stretching (an advanced form of flexibility training.) You only need relax on the massage table and receive the therapy. Home stretches are often given to support the work and your progress.  Restoring ranges of motion to the joints and muscles safely, gently, and effectively is our commitment and goal!

Postural Awareness

Posture is generally an indicator of a person’s overall health. Joints, muscles, and ligaments combine with precision balance to provide motion and stability within our body.  Poor spinal alignment, and/or a weakened core due to prolonged sitting, injuries, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy work habits, heavy backpacks, and pregnancy often lead to compensatory changes in the spine.  Specific exercises utilizing body awareness practices, yoga stretches, strengthening postures, myofascial energy release, neuromuscular re-education, and proprioceptive training are prescribed in order to encourage the body’s potential for correct stabilizing alignment, strength, and flexibility.

Family Chiropractic

To be fully alive is to be fully connected!  Chiropractic is the science, art, and philosophy of locating and correcting small internal spinal distortions that interfere with vital nervous system connections.  The spinal adjustment optimizes the body’s natural healing mechanisms, releases stress and tension, and reinstates balance for optimal health and vitality.  Innate Body Mind Healing specializes in the care of newborns, children, adults, seniors, and pregnant women.

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